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Blogs are live on LAVA!

Posted by lava , 20 August 2011 · 414 views

We have added the ability to create a blog on LAVA. Right now, every LAVA member can create a blog. To get started. Click on the "Create New Blog" button on the main blog page here. After you've created one blog, if you want to create another blog then you can do that from the "Manage Blogs" link in your username pulldown in the top right corner.

Some useful things to know:
  • You can add additional authors to your blog. This is useful when you have a group project you want to work on and have several LAVA members contribute to one blog.
  • You can create more than one blog. So you can have, for example, a personal blog and a project blog.
  • You can add polls to your blog.
  • You can save drafts and publish at a later date. Typical blog stuff.
  • You can replace the default RSS Url with a feedburner URL. This prevents "lock-in". This allows you to move your blog to a different platform later but your RSS subscribers will never know.
  • You can create a blog post from any forum post by clicking "blog this" in the bottom right corner of the post.
One guideline:
  • Blogs with no posts or entries will be removed by the administrators at our discretion. In order to avoid this, please create an introductory post when you start your blog.
I'm hoping some of you on LAVA find the blog feature useful.

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