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Requirements and Recommendations

Posted by jgcode , in Documentation, General 26 August 2011 · 368 views

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Team LAVA Requirements and Recommendations for publishing code through LAVA onto the LabVIEW Tools Network are now available in this Article.
LAVA is a facilitator and as such we have tried to keep these to a minimum and as flexible where possible.
Requirements have been designed with reuse, robustness, promotion of the LAVA Community, easy of installation and organisation in mind.
Another one of our goals is that we want you to be creative!

I expect the Article to be dynamic in that it will get refined over time.
If you have any feedback, questions or want me to go into more detail about the design decisions be sure to leave a Comment on the Article (which will by synchronized to the Forums) so we can have a good discussion about it.

If you are happy to meet these Requirements and would like to proceed with joining Team LAVA and publishing a package through LAVA on the LabVIEW Tools Network please PM me.

Never used VIPM or OpenG Package Builder? That's ok, in the near future I will be releasing workflows that show how to use these products and conform to the Requirements.
What to see something specific? Just let me know!

Kind Regards

Jonathon Green
Team LAVA Administrator

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