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    Graphical programming is probably due for some transformation. Text-based languages transform monthly. Graphical has been relatively stuck for a while. An upstart would be welcome to push NI and graphical programming in general.
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    I'm upgrading from LabView 8 to LabView 2014 and have the same problems, also using Linux/Ubuntu to run my application. I found this article: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/CPU-usage-rises-in-LabVIEW-executable/td-p/2194414 In my case it doesn't help to replace all the deprecated property nodes, but I think that's one problem relying to the high cpu load...
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    A new "LabVIEW Clone" based on Java has emerged. It seems to be a plugin for Eclipse. It even has a "box" style while loop and a case structure. The arithemetic functions are mighty familiar-looking! http://www.zaluum.com/index.html
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    I understand. Fair enough. I think we all agree that A and B in drjpowell's second case, which correspond to odoylerules' Hardware and GUI classes, shouldn't be be in the same project library. I think we also agree that pitfalls like these are not immediately obvious to all those who design LabVIEW applications. My experience, once I understood how library dependencies work, was that it was advantageous to use project libraries when needed, putting A and B in separate project libraries as appropriate. Once I knew the rules this was not difficult, and it even drove me to end up with very clean projects with code in easily reusable packaged, namespaced libraries; in my experience it was well worth the effort. This is a good capability to have, but does require careful application.
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    I'm rather fond of applying behaviours en masse via callbacks. Ctrl CB.zip

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