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  1. (I see that i have posted this in the wrong area... :o Oh well... one's first post seldom goes swimingly)

    @Michael: Do you have a link to LAVA CR etiquite? My code is deep in development and has some horrific syntax and improperly named VIs and controls. Is "unreleasable" code ok to release to CR? :) I assume it is easy enough to "upRev" when available. Some have suggested I Blog about my Lunar Lander antics but I'm not sure it is blog worthy... maybe worthy of a thread here? dunno...

    I am interested in having my code critiqued but I'm afraid the easy ugly gets in the way.

    @Yair: Thanks! I saw the asteroids. I've seen that before but now that i have gotten this far i would like to see how they did rotation and colision detection!


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  2. Hi Guys!

    I am new the forums... and this is my first post!

    For fun I am rewriting Lunar Lander in LabVIEW... do you guys know vector based games out there?

    I am trying to emulate a game engine similar to what I have dabbled with on the XBOX (Loops below run async with eachother (I think)).

    • User input loop
    • Physics Calculation Loop
    • Screen update Loop

    I have quite a bit done but I wasn't exactly sure what properties I needed to have for everything so I keep adding stuff and breaking stuff... But I have a lander with thrust & rotation, gravity and basic collision detection. I realize now I need a state machine that handles Pre game, In Game, Game Over and Post game...

    I am having fun but need two week breaks after realizing the architechure needs tweeking!

    I was curious what approaches you have seen!


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