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  1. Nice story For all busy people : MUST READ :A tired man came home late from his whole day handwork.His 5yr. old son was waiting 4 him at the door.Son - Dad, may i ask u a question ?...Dad - yaSon - dad, how much do u make an hour?Dad - Thats not ur business.Son - plz tell me.Dad - 20$ per hourSon - dad, may i plz borrow 10$ ?Dad got angry n shouted on the kid to go to the bed.The little boy went 2 the room & shut the door.After sometime man got calm & he went 2 kid's room nsai...

  2. Hi Mike Le, I look in to your ATM Simulator code, its very impressive and well documented as well good architecture. Be cool to take exam.. All the best... regards Dhanasekaran in.linkedin.com/in/dhanasekaranlabview[/left]
  3. Eid mubarak to all my FRIENDS.........

  4. gud ni8 friends..........

  5. Hai all, I need LabVIEW logo printed T-Shirt. How i can Get the Logo printed T-Shiirt. what are the ways??? Thanks Dhanasekaran
  6. Hai to all, I have little doubt on Execution time of labview in windows(secs/ms/us)?? with out any delay... and also i need to know the values for ticks 1Tick=?sec/ms/us Thanks Dhanasekaran
  7. india rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................Jai ho..

  8. Hai to all, I have trying to pLay the mp3 file in Windows Media Player Via our LabVIEW using activeX. It is possible or not? bacause I have trying a lot but i am unable to play the file. Please help if any body konwn this issue. Thanks Dhanasekaran
  9. hai...how are you????

  10. hai...how are you????

  11. Hai to all, Can anybody help me for understanding the concept of Inline SubVI, Reentrant VI, Subroutine. I need Comparision between these VI's.I am totaly confused for understanding Inline SubVi. and also give example for FOR loop paralallism. Thanks, Dhanasekaran
  12. hai friends...how are you??

  13. Thanks for all of them giving valuable points for Preparing CLD.
  14. Hai Everybody. This is Dhanasekaran from Bangalore.I have Working labview with 1.6 years and also i am a CLAD candidate. Now i want to take CLD exam, for that i need some details. Like, 1. How to do the Documentation fastly? 2.What are all the Points to be Remember to Take Exam? 3. How to Practice Exams? 4.Please give some example CLD flow Programs with Documentaion. Thanks, Dhanasekaran
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