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Strange breakpoint / pause behavior

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Hi people,

found a strange behavior in some of my VI's during debug:

Sometimes it happens to me, that a program stops always at the same point of a VI or SubVI, even though there is no breakpoint. It behaves like a breakpoint, but there is no breakpoint.

I discovered, that it happens more often, when I have a Probe Watch Window open, but the position of the signal probe may be also in a different location in the VI block diagram, and it still stops at the same nonexisting "breakpoint". When I close the Probe Watch Window, the programm (e.g. a loop) does not stop anymore at the mentioned point.

My question: How can I resolve this strange problem? Is this a feature of Labview and I only don't know how to handle it?

I'm using LV 10.0 32-bit Professional Development Environment.

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Sounds fun. Just wondering if these mystery breakpoints perhaps occur inside in-place element structures? Several times I've observed strange breakpoint or stepping behavior when in IPE frames. I find doing any debugging in them is at best rolling the dice unless I wrap all of the code in a subVI, and place my breakpoint in the subVI scope.

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If your VI stops at some breakpoint, and then you abort the VI, the "pause" button will often be left on. Then when you run that VI again, it will be paused and will stop at the first node to execute. So check whether the pause button in the toolbar is pressed in.

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thanks a lot for your quick replies. I will check the point with the conditional probes. The Pause button was definitely not the problem. In my case it has also nothing to do with the IPE structure.

I'll inform you, when I have news.

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