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Need everyone to quickly go vote Yes or No on an Idea Exchange request for OO

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There's a request on the Idea Exchange to make the index terminals on array index accessors Required instead of Recommended. It's an easy change for me to make, one I could even drop into LV 2012 (I still have access to the source code for that branch). But I don't know whether it's a good idea or not. There's comments in the page. Since IE only allows Kudos up, if you don't like the idea, post a comment explaining why. If you do, just kudos the idea. I'll make a call at the end of this week whether to make the change or not. It won't be in the first beta for 2012, but I can still hit release, I think (assuming I get permission to make the change... late game changes like this are iffy because they miss a round of user beta testing that might get some user to say "hey, that causes me problems").


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