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Symbio GDS unable to activate with community key

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I got this error when I want to register Symbio GDS :


So why it's limited in number of activation? for Community Edition?

I just want to see what's new in the current version. I'm not trying to cheat or something.

If it's not possible to activate, what I need to do to uninstall it? Currently I got a dialog that tell me to activate it each time I start LabVIEW.

Any idea?

Thank you


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The server was down for a while, but should be up and running again.

Any probloems send us the Email activaton details on goop@symbio.com


That error is when you have activated the same key on to many different users/computers.

Send an email to goop@symbio.com and they will crank up the numbers of allowed activations, sorry for the problem this might have casued you.


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By the way, if you're reading this thread and don't know what the GDS is, have a look at it here. Then download and install it. Do it. Do it. Install it. Do it.

And when you've done that, Use it! Use it!

Really if you do OOP, do yourself a favour and use it. It boosts productivity! And in the next version it even does that for the Actor Framework too!

(No, I do not work for them. :D )

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It's great, I love it, but I only use a tiny fraction of its power (Native GOOP only) - I just wish there was a way I could pay a smaller amount to take the 10 class limit off the subset of the functionality that I use. Unfortunately, I can't justify spending that much of my hard-earned grant income on something that is very nice, very helpful when I'm coding LabVIEW, but not actually core to mission... :(

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