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I need a driver for HP4280A 1MHz C Meter/C-V Plotter

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Hi everybody,


I am working on electrical characterization of Semiconductor Devices. I am using the HP 4280A C-V Plotter for that reason.


I have just developed a program that control the instrument just in C Mode. the C-V and C-t Modes doesn't work enough and I found errors in reading the data (the data recorded is only the first one).

open the "HP 4280A C-V Mode.vi" example.

Please help me as soon as possible.


Thank You in Advance.

Best Regards.

HP4280_C Mode.vi

HP4280a Zero Open.vi

HP4280a_Cable Length.vi


HP4280a_Correction Enable.vi

HP4280a_Ct parameters.vi

HP4280a_Ct parameters_ttttttt.vi

HP4280a_Ct parameters_use.vi


HP4280a_CV Mode without calibration.vi

HP4280a_CV Mode.vi

HP4280a_C-V Parameters.vi

HP4280a_data output format_block.vi

HP4280a_data output format_standard.vi

HP4280a_data output.vi

HP4280a_DC Bias Level.vi

HP4280a_DC Bias Level_0ff.vi

HP4280a_DC Bias State.vi



HP4280a_Integration Mode.vi

HP4280a_Measurement Speed.vi



HP4280a_Self Test.vi

HP4280a_Send Trigger.vi

HP4280a_SIG Level.vi

HP4280a_sweep mode.vi

HP4280a_Sweep V output.vi


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Hi , I can’t help you because the files are unavailable.


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