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    • By nagesh
      Hi folks,
      I need to know if this is possible?
      if yes then the what are the possibilities??
      1. The user should select the signals (by check box or similar).
      2. My waveform chart should display only these signals on the front panel. (no of signals in the waveform chart must be modified based on this signals).
      3. it is better, by clicking a button the new front panel pops up with waveform chart.
    • By 花落阳关
      Hello, everyone!
      I have a question with the waveform chart(figure 1). How can I plot multi curves in a waveform chart in sequence (figure 2)?
      For example:
      1. I plot the first curve which the starting point is 0.
      2.I stop the program or press a button, then the second curve plots from the starting point at 0, too.
      3. And so on, I can plot some cures in the same waveform chart.
      I am looking forward to a reply, thanks for your attention !

    • By Icaro Kossmann
      Hi guys.
      I am new here and Labview, sorry for my english wrongs. I am from Brazil.
      So, i try have an absolute time in x scale, from my waveform chart, but the VI don't execute this. I wish make like the picture in annex. It´s the only problem in my project.   I Use Labview 8.6 version.   Please help me  
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