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Intermediate or Senior LabVIEW Developer

Ben Zimmer

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LabVIEW Programmer – Enable Integration


Enable Integration (a division of Enable Training and Consulting, Inc.) is seeking a LabVIEW programmer to join our integration team and immediately be a core part of several projects.  Today, we are a team of 20 employees and have a diverse range of clients: Bosch-Rexroth, FIRST Robotics, University of Waterloo, LEGO Education, National Instruments, and Solid Works. 


We are a dynamic employer with a flexible working environment and atmosphere.  Our integration team specializes in consulting and providing custom hardware and software solutions for test, measurement & automation applications for worldwide clients in a variety of industries.  Our team has over 65 years combined programming experience and have worked on projects both large and small, and have recently been recognized as a National Instruments Alliance Partner with exceptional technical resources at NIWeek 2013. Please visit www.enabletc.com for more information about the company.


Duties & Responsibilities:


We are looking for a self-motivated LabVIEW programmer who will excel in a fast-paced consulting environment, will excel to meet deadlines and ensure the success of our customers.  We are looking for someone who has recent experience developing application using LabVIEW.


Your primary efforts will encompass all stages of software engineering application design, including:

· Requirement definition and gathering, Specification writing

· Systems Design & Architecture

· Algorithm development

· Documentation (Code and Project Management)

· Unit, Functional, Validation & Verification Test

· Deployment & Application Support


This is a full-time position and candidates will be expected to work out of our Milton, Ontario head office.


Desired Skills & Experience

· 4-year technical degree, or 3-year technical diploma from accredited colleges or universities

· Experience programming hardware and/or software applications using LabVIEW

o CLAD/CLD/CLA certifications are an asset

· Discipline and organization with respect to software maintenance and version management

· Experience with source code control & source configuration management tools a plus (TortoiseSVN ideal, however will consider applicants with working knowledge of Perforce, ClearCase etc.)

· Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills

· Understanding of basic signals and systems concepts

o Sensors and actuators

o Analog and digital signals

o Data acquisition concepts and hardware

o  Communication protocols

· Ability to work both alone and with colleagues to solve problems and to weigh the merits of differing approaches

· Self-motivated team player

· Effective time management

· Strong written skills in English

o Code documentation, Project management & Progress Reports

o Team communication/updates

· Immediately eligible to work in Canada at time of application


Pay is commensurate with skills and qualifications of the applicant.

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