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RT app needs system time from Windows PC


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I have an RT PXI controller, and I am wondering the best way to get a networked PC's system time so I can periodically sync to it (in a controlled way, such as when RT system is idle).



The PC is not running any LabVIEW code, so no PC publishing time to network shared variable stuff

The code on the PC is legacy C# code that I cannot modify to include timestamp messaging between systems

The PC and attached RT PXI are network isolated, so no using a domain controller time service



My only solution to get the time from this generic windows PC (assume WinXP or newer) is to install an NTP time service on it that I can query via UDP from the RT application.  I have done this before, but it just feels unsatisfactory.


Anyone else solve this problem before?

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See the reply from NI on my idea to implement native support for this...it turns out it is supported, just not very obviously:




Here's an implementation using the System Config API:



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There's this KnowledgeBase entry about setting up your computer as a time server over on the dark side...




This is the very NTP service I used before for this, I was just hoping to avoid any install on the PC, since it is owned by another group.

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