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Avast Deleted nipalu.dll

Ano Ano

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Ah, the old anti-virus vs LabVIEW battle strikes again.


I once had to run around the lab from machine to machine, unplugging each from the network.  An automatic definition update was marking LabVIEW DSC as malicious and deleting it.  I managed to save at least one system and could use it as a source for the missing files.


Make sure you resolve the issue in the anti-virus (add the file to the white list or something similar) before trying to restore.  Otherwise it will keep deleting it.

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Do a repair install of LabVEW (or DSC).  Go to Add Remove Programs, choose NI and modify it.  Then a menu will come up with all the NI software installed.  Choose LabVIEW and click repair.  This will reinstall all the files needed to run LabVIEW.  Note that you will need the LabVIEW CD/DVD as a source.

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