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Here is a fun thing I just had to share:

Started a build (that takes about 20 mins to run) and walked away from my machine to work on something else.  Came back 25 mins later and the NI Updater had popped up on my screen while I was away.  When I checked the build I saw that it had failed.  When I looked at the explanation, it said another NI process was running (the updater) and that blocked the build from finishing.

Nice one NI, your nag-ware just wasted 30 mins of my time.  If anyone is running a CI server, be sure to disable the NI Update tool.


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Yeah I have seen this pop up a few times on the forums, and I ran into it personally only once.  I am trusting the build process less and less, and as a result generally I wait a few minutes to see that the build has at least started before walking away.


EDIT: Here is a link on disabling the service.



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