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How to use 3D Contour Graph

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I can't understand how 3D graph are working.

What I am trying to do is to plot multiple point XY with a Z as intensity of the measurement. I was expecting a x,y,z coordinate, but 2D for the Z... I just don't picture how it works.

I got a half sphere with sensor. I am trying to represent in 3D X,Y the position of the sensors as a flat position ignoring the Z and using the Z for the sensors values.

Please help.

Half sphere.png

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HI Benoit, 


The contour graphs can either be matrix or vector for the X,Y but the Z needs to be a matrix based on its values for the corresponding X,Y Pair.


I made a quick example of each method below I hope it shows what I mean.



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OK I see... so i am still stuck without solution. since my matrix is not complete, and there is no extrapolations, The only thing i found is the point like this... It's better than nothing


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