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[CR] Y Controls Support - Version Installer.zip

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I've discovered a bug.  It appears to be a bug in LabVIEW.  Here is what I believe is happening: Hiding inside each instance of a Y Control is an instance of "C: ... \LabVIEW xxxx\resource\plugins\Y Control\Ability Manager\Y Control Ability Manager.XCTL".  When LabVIEW loads an instance of a Y Control that depends* upon another Y Control, there are 2 instances of "Y Control Ability Manager.XCTL" that need to be initialized: One for the outer Y Control and one for the inner Y Control.  The "Init" ability of the Xctl for the inner Y Control gets called first, and it works OK. However when the "Init" ability is called for the outer Y Control, it is passed the wrong refnum: Instead of getting the refnum to the instance of the Xctl in the outer Y Control, it gets a refnum to the instance of the Xctl in the inner Y Control.

*In my case this happens because I have a Y Control calls a dialog VI that contains a reference to a VI that has a Y Control.

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After a lot of digging, I found the bug (in my code).  It wasn't happening just when one Y Control depended on another, but whenever two different types of Y Control were both in memory.

The fix is attached.  I've also done a bit of cleanup (including closing a dangling VI ref), and some minor improvements of the help.  It's backward compatible; no need to rebuild anything, just run the new installer.

Y Controls - Version Source.zip Y Controls Support - Version Installer.zip

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