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CANOpen Hardware

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Hi Guys,


searching for a solution to communicate with some external CANOpen devices.


what I found so far:



So, the old USB-8473 could work with CANOpen. Is there a way to get it running with newer Hardware?

If not I think I have to go with the PCI-8531... and work with a PCIe to PCI -Adapter...


As we are on a windows computer, the PXI/FPGA edition wont fit...

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Since you're communicating with already existing devices, your work is much easier.  Any CAN capable device can communicate via CANOpen.  There's no magic there so to speak, CANOpen is a comm layer on top of good old CAN. 

anything you are okay and have on have will be fine.  

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thanks for your answer!


Okay, I am not completely sure how this should work? Are there Labview libarys which handle this CANOpen comm layers?

Or do I just have to create my correct XNET db with the messages I expect to receive and send and thats it?


sry if thats a stupid question, I have worked with XNET before (as a simple user, I did not dig deep into it) but CANOpen is new to me.


I have found the CANOpen NI-Package, but this one says it supports only C-Series and the special PXI/PCI modules.

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I investigate that topic two years ago, and there was no easy CANopen solution for LabVIEW.

Low cost solution can include kvaser hardware, but you will need to implement CANopen layer by yourself. 

Very high cost, but realy good and flexible is solution which includes vector hardware + vector Canoe envirement that easly share variables with LabVIEW. However I think this solution is for long term project and CANoe enginner will be required to set up the envirement. 

I will also check the oportunity to use python library for example: https://canopen.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ so you will trigger python script from LabVIEW. 

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Thanks for the feedback!

We received a .eds file for our CANOpen communication these days.

I also saw that the CANOpen driver NI provides should be able to go with these... so if our customer decides to go for it I will go for the PCI-8531 solution.

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