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Diagram bookmarks

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Bookmarks or Hot spots in diagrams. Frequently queued message architecture has lots and lots of states (see my next wish). I would love to be able to set a bookmark, hotspot, hyperlink and have a floating palette that allows me to one touch navigate centered on that section. Please do not forget the back! Yes, I know I can set a discrete text tag down and use the find, but that is a crippled work around at best and I get no back.

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I heartily agree-- and we should be able to seach for bookmarks in all vis in memory, not just one.

(A kludgey trick I use to partly substitute for the "back" button: If I'm working on something that has a run arrow, or only a few errors, I'll plant an unwired add in a spot to which I plan to return. Then all I have to do is click on the broken arrow, and select that add from the list to get back to where I was.)

Regards, Louis

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