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Disco? ...sorry before my time (I'm young I know)

Disco? Did someone say "disco"? For me disco is more fun now than it was when it was supposedly "cool". Just a few weeks ago I discoverd the Windows "dancers". They're cute little guys/gals/couples who dance on your desktop to your music. Kenny is the 'disco' dancer. I'm more of a jazz guy but in my collection of music tracks I have bit of disco. Watching Kenny dance to one of my all-time favorites the O'Jay's (club epic version of) "Love Train" is a hoot! :D

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Reminds me of an old bumper sticker that was near and dear to my heart:

"Support your local musicians, blow up a disco."


Another funny one ... the scene from the movie Airplane!, where the plane is cruising towards the radio tower, the DJ says "This is Wsomethingsomething, where disco lives forever!" Then CRASH! The plane knocks over the tower ...


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Disco lives on through samples. Here's a recent chart-topper using the very same one we're talking about...

I have been sort of following along with this thread and i envy anyone who DID NOT have to live through (read endure) the Disco Era !!!!! very few of the 70's rock bands actually made it through those few years , mainly just the super groups (that were still alive) , since then i can really only think of one band that came out of the post Disco era that i would classify in the same catagory as the 70's super groups and that would be U2....


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