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Copyright © 2006, Mark E. Smith

All rights reserved.


Mark Smith

--see readme file for contact information.

This VI uses a .NET 2.0 DLL (DirectoryTools) to search Microsoft Active Directory. The DirectoryTools DLL uses the System.DirectoryServices namespace. The DLL exposes some simple functionality to LabVIEW in a form more user friendly to LabVIEW than direct calls to the System.Directory classes.

Important Note: This implementation will only retrieve the first property of any record that matches the PropertiesToLoad - additional instances of an identically named property in a record are not returned

Using this VI - this VI was designed to return all the computers on a given MS Windows network. The default filter (objectClass=computer) along with the default PropertiesToLoad of "cn" (common name) will return the name of all computers registered on the network. Any valid filter string and property may be used.

Mark Smith

Change Log:

1.0.0: Initial release of the code.

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