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  • LabVIEW Task Manager (LVTM) By TimVargo

    • 2,487
    LabVIEW Task Manager v1.10.0 (for LV2013+) This code is Open-Source, and free of charge Authors: Ravi Beniwal, Tim Vargo LabVIEW Versions Supported: LabVIEW Versions Tested on: Dependencies: GPower Error & Warning = lava_lib_tree_control_api >= 1.0.1-1 NI SmartBalloon = OpenG Application Control Library >= OpenG Comparison Library >= OpenG Array Library >= OpenG Error Library >= OpenG File Library >= OpenG LabVIEW Data Library >= OpenG String Library >= LAVA Palette >= Description: LabVIEW Task Manager is a debugging tool for use during LabVIEW code development. An expandable/collapsible tree diagram displays detailed information (both static and dynamic) on all VIs in memory, belonging to a selected project/target. It allows for interacting with single or multiple selected VIs at a time, and includes the following major features: Selection of project/target Lists all VIs in memory, grouped by class/library or disk folder, or a flat list Searches for and enumerates clones in memory DropIn VI for including dynamically referenced clones (Clone Beacon) 'Refresh Now' (F5) re-reads all VIs in memory and adds new ones to the tree Displays VI name, owning class/library, state, path, data size & code size Displays VI FP Behavior, Reentrant?, Reentrancy Type, Paused? & Highlight? Group by Class/Library or Folder, or display a Flat List Sort by any column, ascending or descending Filter out item types vi, ctl, and vit/ctt Filter out vi.lib and global VIs Filter out items from being displayed, per folder paths. Tracking of, and ability to toggle, execution highlighting on multiple selected VIs Tracking of paused VIs with ability to Pause/Resume/TogglePause multiple selected VIs DropIn VI for pausing only while debugging If a clone initiates a pause, a different pause symbol is used for all clones of that same reentrant original VI Select multiple VIs and open or close their FPs or BDs Double Click a VI from the tree to bring the BD (first choice) or FP to front, if already open Select multiple top-level VIs and Abort them Remotely close any VI's Front Panel Installation and instructions: Known Issues: Cannot abort SubVIs launched from remote VI Server or local Asynch Call By Ref
  • Chess Game By o u a d j i

    • 2,478
    (latest version 5.5 - November 3, 2015 - LabVIEW 2010)   Chess Game with artificial intelligence 100% LabVIEW   AI : algorithm MinMax + Alpha-Beta pruning   two game levels : "novice" and "Jedi"   editing interface  (edit on/off)   a) moving mode : left-clic on the starting square, left-clic on the destination square b) positioning mode : right-clic on a square opens a context menu to choice the piece.   This engine 5.5 is stronger than the previous engine 5.0 (Jedi level)   unzip - run "Chess_ouadji.vi"
    Have fun!   ouadji,      if you like this Chess Game, a kudo is most welcome!  (here - first post)
  • JSON LabVIEW By drjdpowell

    • 12,873
    JSON is a data interchange format (sometimes compared to XML, but simpler). There are multiple projects to create a JSON package for LabVIEW. This is yet another one motivated by this hijacked conversation originally about a different project to convert JSON into LabVIEW Variants.

    This project uses a set of LVOOP classes to match the recursive structure of JSON, rather than variants. It allows conversation to and from JSON. All functionality is available through two polymorphic VIs: Set and Get. In addition to Get and Set VIs for common data types, one can also convert directly to or from complex clusters via variant-JSON tools.

    Copyright 2012-2016 James David Powell, Shaun Rumbell, Ton Plomp and James McNally. [Note: if you are using LabVIEW 2017, please also see the JSONtext library as a an alternative.]
  • HackMan - PacMan clone By Ubbi

    • 598
    Labview version of PacMan Game. Try it!   It is making an ftp call to get high scores: relative vi is password protected (it containd access data ) ..if it is disturbing, just play offline or deny access!   Ciao!   PS: if you just want to try it, here you have the executable http://hackyourpack.altervista.org/  

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