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  2. Hi folks, I have been using TortoiseGit + Bitbucket for SCC for the past year and I have become rather frustrated with a recurring problem that I simply cannot find evidence of others experiencing. For that reason I am convinced I am doing something wrong in my workflow but IDK what. TortoiseGit flags changes to some files but when I use LabVIEW to do the diff/compare it finds no changes at all. The file sizes of the falsely flagged files are unchanged, but the CRCs are changed. (yet to inspect the binary difference). Before committing the changes I do a mass compile as NI suggest
  3. That looks cool! My eldest is the right age but has literally zero interest in this kind of thing, my younger one is much more into this but right now is a bit too young.
  4. Just saw Nintendo announce this programming game, and a few comments comparing it to LabVIEW. It looks pretty cool, and a fun intro to graphical programming. I don't have a Switch, otherwise I'd probably pick it up. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/game-builder-garage-switch/
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  6. valueLabel is a typedef enum typedef enum { noValue = 0, InstrumentServiceName, NetworkPortNumber, ComponentID, ScanRate, Slot, NumChannels, ChannelNumber, CardNumber, FirstChannelNum, IEEE488_Address, VXI_Address, SerialNumber, SensorID, ScanListItem, Gain, Filter, Excitation, Cluster, Rack, PCUtype, EUtype, RefType, PCUpressure, MaxPressure, AcqMode, CalTolerance, CalPressure1, CalPressure2, CalPressu
  7. Just pass a 8 bytes wide element as an union (U64 / double / 8 x U8 cluster) and treat it according to the type field after the function call. But I also see, that you have to pass a struct (i.e., a cluster), not a single union. So you should bundle order, type and label fields to your cluster as well. I don't see a definition of valueType and valueLabel items of the Value struct. Assume, they are enum (I32) and long (I32), is that correct? I'm also kind of unsure, who is responsible to set the return type (long, unsigned long, double or string) - the caller or the callee?.. If it's the caller
  8. I'm no expert with CLFNs but I know this much: LabVIEW does not have a concept for unions but you can always pass an array of bytes or a numeric of appropriate size and convert later. Just make sure that the container is large enough to contain the largest member of the union (should be 64 bit from what I can tell). Conversion should be simple enough for numeric types but the pointer requires additional work. Here is some information for dereferencing pointers in LabVIEW (there is a section about dereferencing strings). https://forums.ni.com/t5/Developer-Center-Resources/Dereferencing-Poi
  9. I have code from another developer that allows me to interface with a server to get configuration data. I have compiled the C code into a .SO on my Linux system without error - but in writing my LabVIEW CLFN, I am unsure what to do with a Union Pointer to pass the data. The function in the C file: void getValue(int so, CharacteristicHandle ch, Value *v) { long longValue; unsigned long ulongValue; double doubleValue; char * c_ptr = 0; long msgType = g_val; sendLong( so, msgType ); sendCHARhandle( so, ch ); readLong( so
  10. Last week
  11. There are many companies offering technologies that are based on optical fiber sensors. One I have helped in the past was FBGS in Belgium, with this software https://fbgs.com/components/illumisense-software/ .
  12. I just couldn't resist. Not optimized in any way, but I guess for data that has to be visualized, this is not a problem.
  13. I'll leave the logic to others for now, but here are a couple of initial observations: 1) If these tables can get larger you might consider making the table cell formatting more efficient: Defer front panel updates (updating table GUI for each step is extremely slow) then format the table cells and headers in one go before you reenable front panel updates. If all rows of all columns are to have the same format anyway (empty ones can get the same as they are empty anyhow) you might as well set the active cell to -2,-2 and apply to all. If the headers are to be different you can then apply
  14. Yup, that's pretty messy. One mistake: you don't have auto indexing on the input but do have on the output of the outer loop. Or the code is that messy I misunderstood. I would use auto indexing, and have a bool flag (shift register) inside the outer loop. Init it to false and set it to true if the cell is not emply (otherwise don't change it's value). Then fill the cell with "0%" if it's empty AND the flag is true.
  15. Below is what I've done but it's quite messy though. My original table is a non-pivoted table, so the front part of my labview gives the result of the first table in which the table is pivoted. The last for loop is where I'm stucked.
  16. Error 1027 was found when I was registering an event for a control. I do not know how to solve it. Could you please help me?
  17. Hello ! I've been trying to solve this problem for two days and I really need help on this. So I have a weekly progress table as below : As long as there's already a non-empty column for the PES #, the rest of the empty column after that non-empty column needs to show 0%. How should I do this? I need to make it into this table as below: Thank you so much in advance !
  18. I've recently upgraded a test stands pc motherboard, drives, etc. The test stand is used for automated testing of products. The labview environment is downloaded and erased via batch files. The loading comes from a CD. This is to verify that the tests are never changed. After the PC upgrade I'm getting a warning.txt that states the "typedef was expected to be in _____ but was loaded from _____ instead." The file exist in both places. If you click ok on the warning.txt., the test runs smoothly. If you do not notice the warning.txt, because it's in the background until that part of the t
  19. Wasn't there something in the NI rebrand/one of the partner meetings shortly afterwards, about them having NI certified products from third parties. I can't remember what they called it but from memory it was basically a scheme where NI may push your 'solution' using their regional representatives (Or whatever their frontline sales people are called now) Note: the above is full of half remembered facts from things I was only half paying attention to at the time so might be total drivel.
  20. Link to the online broadcast of the competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmCkPxcxIQ0 We invite everyone.
  21. You don't get an NI part number just by publishing on the Tools Network. Granted, when I was asked if i wanted to take advantage, it was a product on the tools network but it becomes a part of their product catalogue. Companies can then order it through NI themselves along with their other software and hardware and NI then pay you.
  22. I can build the jump to diagram easily enough -- I've written many jump-to-highlight behaviors. I'm looking for someone who has already built all the label displaying, tree organizing, keyboard shortcuts, event handling, dialog resizing, etc. That's hours of work, and if it already exists out in the world, I'd rather reuse than build it.
  23. Did any one use FTDI232HQ module and implemented I2C communication using LabVIEW ?
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