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    I'll be there as well. Since this will officially kick off my vacations, I will not be presenting this year 🙂. I'm eager to sit back, relax, learn and chat with all you guys & gals.
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    I'll probably be able to attend a presentation or two each day. I'll also be there for the Tuesday night meetup at the Hideout.
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    Thanks for explanation, so I shouldn't worry about those. I am asking because I have some stability issues with code and trying to pinpoint it with DETT toolkit. What might not be normal is these startup handshake queues, they should be released after "Ack Startup" right?
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    @Brainiac did you solve this in the end? The code below shows how I do it, this works completely fine for me on Windows 7..10. The Generation Batch File is the complete path on disk, I don't use the Working Directory input.
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    I'll be there, presenting a regular session and a 7x7.
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    That's why you are paid so much. Or if you aren't; you should be.
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    Iperf3 gets ~95% of the theoretical speed of a 1G Ethernet easily and reliably on Windows, without being CPU bound. It requires multiple threads to get there, A single thread will be limited by the scheduler. It doesn't matter much whether it is TCP or UDP.

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