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  1. I've used both the XML's that Paul suggested and conventional .ini style files. The ini version is better if you really expect users to make changes - XML is fine if you just want human readable for troubleshooting or such. I also think Daklu's suggestion to use individual config files for unique devices is a good one since changes to any one device don't affect others and it's just really easy to grab the config you need where you need it. I do use clusters in the class private data to faclitate the read/write. And I would suggest you check out the Read/Write anything VIs (http://www.mooregood...abViewStuff.htm) since these are efficient and easy to use. Also, use the Get System Directory VI from the File Constants palette to put the files into a folder for your app in the Public Application Data directory. This makes management relatively easy and safe. For ini files, I'll use the Get LV Class Path VI and strip the name to use for naming the ini file. This makes the ini files effectively self-naming and easy to manage. I also have reuse code that will look for a config file and if it doesn't find it, create one for that class. That helps because I don't have to distribute config files with the source but they're still relatively easy to deploy with the executable. Mark Mark
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