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  1. Hi all, sorry i had to do some other work. @ O_o: We already took a look into the UML editor from GOOP: The code is horrible. @drjdpowell: Thank you for your Picture and your inspiration. Up to now we try an other way. We will report if we found a solution. Thanks again Oliver
  2. Hi drjdpowell, thank you very much. How did you select the place for the function block (fb) you want to insert: - with a click on the wire or - bevor the selected fb Did you have a simple Demo of the surface, wich you can send us? We planed to program it with classes so we can send each object the mouse event with the coordinates. One of them will be get active then. Oliver
  3. Hi all, instead of an script based flow control programming UI for our user, where they type text to control the measurment instrument. We want to program an graphical UI where they can add new commands per drag'n'drop from a Picture Ring to a surface. Similar to a flow chart tool (e.g.: yED Graph Editor), or to the UML Modeller from Symbio (Picture). But we are not sure how to solve this... Draw it on an big picture control: Then we have more work find the right object if the user double click it to configure it. We have more work drawing the flow arrows especially if the user move
  4. Hi Neville D, You are absolutly right. The invoke node "FP.Open" don't work in the same way on a RT-system like on a standard PC. Also if looked already in the help for that method. But NI just write "Available in Real-Time Operating System=Yes". That means in this case: you won't get an error running that method... That is no option for me because the RT-system running standalone. The task was to check the state wih a browser on any PC or laptop wich will be connected to the system temporarily. So i think i've to draw a graph by hand if no one other have an idea...
  5. Hi all, i've a project on a cRIO with some I/Os running under LabVIEW 2012. Now i want to visible my results on a website with the cRIO webserver. So i wrote a web service witch show the content of some shared variables. Because the default website show only a table with each name and content of the variables, i toke a string variable and save a html link to a picture in it (<img src="myGraph.bmp">). In my LabVIEW code i get the image of the graph using a property node and save it to an *.bmp file. Code of the initalisation of the variable and saving an empty graph at start up:
  6. Hi all, on an instrument they want to save the data in HDF5 format. So I tried to install the HDF5 library on my Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit) system with LabVIEW 8.5. I installed the hdf5-tools package over the packet manager from Ubuntu. After that i unpack the library to the LabVIEW system directory. Starting LV I found the HDF5-VI's in the function palette. But when i placed them he asked me for the libhdf5.so library. I found it under: /usr/lib/libhdf5.so.6 Now he asked me for the libh5helper.so library. I found it under: /usr/local/natinst/LabVIEW-8.5/vi.lib/addons/_hdf5/libh5he
  7. Thanks David Boyd, very usefull nice tool. :thumbup: I can't count how often i missed them... Could you compile it in LV6.1? Beause a lot of projects are still running in 6.1? Thanks Oliver
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