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  1. QUOTE (Yen @ May 13 2008, 12:02 PM)

    I doubt you'll find anyone here who uses it. Most people use NI's toolkit, their own solution or any of the free toolkits which are available online (e.g. LabSQL, the ADO toolkit).

    In general, you can view the code generated by express VIs by right clicking the VI and selecting Open Front Panel. You should note, though, that the code might be messy (since it's automatically generated) or password protected.

    Thank you anyway.


  2. Hello,

    I am new to LabVIEW and Databases and I am trying to evaluate T&M DatabaseWizard tool kit for LabVIEW (I downloaded the student version). But the help menu is not as explicit as I would like. So far I've been able to connect, write to and read data from a table in MS Access.

    Now, I can not understand, exactly, how the TM_DBTLK_Express Update VI works. What I can understand from the help menu is: I have to select a column from the table and specify the criteria that the Update VI will use to search for, row by row (I GUESS). Data matching this criteria will be overwritten with a new value that I GUESS I have to specify in the Data In port of the Update VI.

    BUT if I select (in the Criteria Menu) >= 41 and select the Input Data In to be 0, then EVERYTHING (the whole field) is overwritten with 0, but the field has values ranging from 5 to 41 and 333 :wacko:

    Does anyone have experience working with this toolkit, and can give some advice?

    There is an example in the help menu, but is not in english. Does anybody have the example or a tutorial or manual, in english?

    Thank you, your help is very much appreciated.


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