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  1. Hi

    I need to run labview VI's on a computer that has linux on it. I plan on only using the runtime engine on the linux computer and developing the vi's on a different computer. Can I develop the VI's using Labview on a computer that has windows as its operating system or do I need to develop them on a computer with linux?

    Thanks for you help.

  2. Hi

    I am new to labview and have a 2 quick questions. I have 2 computers (both with linux) but one that is not fast enough to run labview. I have downloaded the run time editor on the slower computer. If the slower computer is not fast enough to run labview, will I have a problem using the run time editor to run the VIs that I make?

    Also, the 2 computer have different distributions of linux, will that be a problem? Or do I just need to develop my VIs on a linux computer no matter what distribution?

    Thanks so much!


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