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  1. 15 hours ago, crossrulz said:

    Wow! Maybe next time they will default the VIs front panel to pure white too.

    BTW, I don't understand why (after nearly 35 years) the block diagram color in LV is still part of the VI instead of an IDE preference. Even if I change my local setting to some gray for my VIs, I still get tons of VIs from other developers with the default burning pure white.

  2. Here is the new revamped UI of NI TestStand 2020:


    Maybe it's just me, but I find it very difficult to work with the new color scheme of NI TestStand. My eyes are burning after few minutes... Am I the only one?

    Here is the default UI colors of VS Code, the super popular code editor from MS. So much less stress for the eyes.


    Hoping for dark mode NI TestStand in a near future...

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  3. Just a little clarification.

    The Averna NotifyIcon is surely inspired by the same NI example found on ni.com but it is not a rebranded/repackaged version of the Stinus Olsen library posted on LAVA. I've made the Averna implementation as an internal reuse library a long time ago. It was posted few years later on the LV Tool Network.


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