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  1. Bolder Software will be in attendance again this year, we're looking forward to it! Traditionally, we like to encourage creativity as much as the technical appetite of this audience. Our door prize will be the LEAP Motion Controller:



    Also, if we can get it done by next week, we're hoping to bring something edible for everyone. (Not that kind, just some sugar cookies!)




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  2. Bolder_Software_small.jpg

    Last Year, Brian Powell was the lucky recipient of Bolder Software's Door Prize. He won the fabulous Kaossilator. Congratulations Brian!


    In keeping with tradition, we like to appeal to one's creativity as well as their technical prowess. Bolder Software is donating this totally analog door prize, a set of three small yet powerful lenses: the Fisheye, Telephoto, and Macro/Wide Angle Cell Phone Lenses from Photojojo. These finely constructed lenses transform your standard phone photos into wide, up-close, super zoomed and wonderfully warped wonders.


    Good Luck to all. We are looking forward to another great event at Scholz' and some great BBQ!

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