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  1. Has anyone tried to generate a client/server certificate for the NI OPC UA toolkit using the Encryption Compendium? I had no success, but it seems, that it has somethinh to do with incorrect attributes.

    BTW: The hexadecimal output of the ECL Sign.vi seems to have a final/additional 00h character at the end in the "Signature[HEX]" output. The "Signature[BYTES]" output is correct. The problem is located in RSA.lvlib:RSA_sign.vi, DSA.lvlib:DSA_sign.vi and ECDSA.lvlib:ECDSA_sign.vi. I can correct this, but don't know if this is a bug or a feature 😉 


  2. 15 hours ago, ensegre said:

    When I started thinking at it I had in mind an input corrector (which I'm not sure I'll really pursue) which warned the user about possible misspellings and likely corrections,

    I've never done somethig like this. I used the LevenshteinDistance to compare a lot of smaller strings (between 8 and 12 characters long). Because each of the strings was more or less significant, I used an additional factor for each of the strings and finally generated some king of an overall coefficient.

  3. Thanks for the 2019 VIs. I compared the three algorithms.

    Levenshtein works different. For better comparison, I normalized the value with:  1 - LevenshteinDistance / (Length(a)+Length(b)

    Dice: Sørensen–Dice coefficient
    CSC: Compare String Confidence.vi
    Lev.: Levenshtein



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