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  1. I found here an information about how LabVIEW handle the panel and the VI in memory but I'm not sure it was true for every version.

    To sum up, they suggest that the VI must open a self reference in such way LabVIEW keep it memory.

    So I made some tests in different versions of LV : 6.1, 7.1.1, 8.0.1 (see Attachment).

    The code of VI is simple and it is the same for all version (Open Self VI Reference - CloseFP - write date & time in a text file - Close VI Reference). I'm build exe for every version and use it for results.

    Test machine :

    PC WinXP sp2

    CPU : P4-2.6GHz

    RAM : 1.5Gb

    Results :

    • LV61 : always works
    • LV711 : randomly works
    • LV801 : doesn't work

    It's difficult to me to explain this difference. Someone has an idea ?

    Rolf, you seem to understand threading rules in LabVIEW, maybe it's obvious for you.

    Download File:post-1057-1153985925.zip


    I think i've found a solution by using "FP.State=Hidden" instead of "FP.Open".

    I only tested it with LV7.1! (afaik LV6.x does not have this Property)

    Download File:post-1390-1153998177.zip

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