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  1. essentially I found the GET and POST commands sent by the web interface and then mimicked them in LabVIEW. You'll need to get familiar with the HTTP functions in LabVIEW as well as basic string parsing, type conversion, loops, and conditional structures.

    Hi. Thanks. I have created a vi (using examples) for auto-login to my device using activex (i'm not sure if i really need to make my life complicated). Fortunately, i can login but there was this error (error 97).

    Next step is to confgure the parameters and now i'm stuck on using html forms and frame collection. Do you guys happen to have an example on using activex or any of this scripting objects that I can study?


  2. I would start with a packet sniffer. You will probably have to develop/replicate the http interface. I've used Wireshark before to see what commands were used to interface with an unsupported IP camera.

    Hi jkuehn. I've already installed wireshark as well as fiddler (web debugger) on my computer. What we're the labview controls and functions that you used to interface with your device/instrument?

    Is there any other way to do this without parsing an html?

    thanks again.

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