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Status Updates posted by JackDunaway

  1. #NIWeek (noun, \ˈen-ˈī-ˈwēk\): the five days each year we #LabVIEW developers dust off our Twitter accounts.

  2. RT @sustrik: Most of the complexity in code is direct consequence of not acknowledging the complexity of the problem being solved.

  3. From the #LabVIEW Field Journal: Humility and Better Programming, Part 2 http://t.co/FTIfg2yH27

  4. LAVA BBQ tickets on sale now: http://t.co/FsTo0i8Z5G for #NIWeek 2013

  5. #APIStrat Videos - Jeff Meisel, National Instruments - Accelerating Innovation with APIs http://t.co/nrkclsaLFq

  6. See you tonight at the #LabVIEW Architect's Forum, or join remotely thanks to @sixclear - details: https://t.co/n3aMt1wj36

  7. RT “@OJourdan: European #CLAsummit family picture thanks to @brianhpowell http://t.co/E0GZyk40yN”

  8. RT “@elijah286: #LabVIEW 2013 Beta 2 is now available for download from http://t.co/US3PIICXrI” Perused release notes; great upgrades fr B1

  9. Saw Eiffel Tower yesterday, now down to business for #CLASummit; is this trip to Paris already officially Turing Complete?

  10. On the way to the European #LabVIEW Architect's Summit, couldn't resist a short foot detour: http://t.co/9DrMs5EZ2I

  11. Starting to feel the energy and buzz around the #LabVIEW Architect's Summit in Paris!

  12. #CLASummit presentation code for download - Deployment Automation and Release Engineering for #LabVIEW : http://t.co/WqmsOQ77jk

  13. See you soon; safe travels over the pond, @RoebuckChris

  14. Stoked about the #LabVIEW #CLASummit next wk - looking forward hanging out Sunday nite, dinner thanks to @GSystemsLP http://t.co/WXntirXrF1

  15. Love this tool for modeling interactions and workflows: http://t.co/2t7RaFiBQi - even has hosted js lib, to save your diagram syntax as HTML

  16. What it feels like when complex regexp works exactly as expected: http://t.co/6Jj4sMQhAi via @devopsreactions

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