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  1. RT @jimkring: So much inspiration at #NIWeek and great conversations I had with wonderful @labview community members. https://t.co/TkNy7sd3…

  2. RT @dnatt: I had such a great time hanging out with my #LabVIEW pals at #NIWeek! Everybody start using LabVIEW 2015, it's the best ever!

  3. RT @Fabiola31416: Really pleased @i_twooted won @swatzyssdc only 2nd edition of Sw Engineering Approach to #LabVIEW @delacorllc @lavag http…

  4. RT @jimkring: Me @hooovahh and wife Laura at #NIWeek @lavag buddies from way back http://t.co/Fr9DXgmQ1d

  5. The LAVA 2015 BBQ is TONIGHT! Get your ticket NOW! https://t.co/ySaH58GdTw #labview #NIWeek

  6. RT @ironworksbbq: Hey #NIWeek take a break from the future with a slice of Texas history. http://t.co/gegNe6LNNY

  7. Start #niweek right! Share a beer with #labview community leaders and NI R&D rockstars tonight @ 8pm at http://t.co/9mZmrBSt8T All Welcome!

  8. Stay up-to-date with all the behind-the-scenes #niweek fun by following @lavag ! Parties, can't-miss sessions: you'll find it all here!

  9. The LAVA 2015 BBQ is only a week away - got your ticket yet? https://t.co/ySaH58XPi6 #labview #NIWeek

  10. LAVA 2015 BBQ tickets are on sale. Earlybird sale on now for a limited time! Get them here: https://t.co/ySaH58GdTw #labview #NIWeek

  11. LAVA #niweek BBQ is tonight! Come join us for brisket, beer, door prizes, LabVIEW limericks and more! lavag/bbq

  12. RT @eyesonvis: My Staff badge for #NIWeek ! Reusing my badge holder from last year because of my ribbon collection. http://t.co/kDuEFUqWKZ

  13. LAVA is back up again! - Now stop working and go to the forum: http://t.co/kfhKmcxaR7

  14. Today - Last chance save $10 off #niweek BBQ!! http://t.co/9LmmGRoZbE

  15. RT @Fabiola31416: Grab them while they are hot. LAVA BBQ tickets for #NIWeek are available now. Early bird discount http://t.co/RHjksueQ3v

  16. LAVA NIWeek community BBQ early-bird pricing is now live! Get your tickets: http://t.co/yDEBT4yDs7

  17. Congrats @dnatt! RT @dnatt My latest project. On a related note, I'll be absent from the @lavag forums for a while :)http://t.co/6vumDmq4ts

  18. Help define canonical #LabVIEW.gitignore template for GitHub http://t.co/4RYNEi9rbG

  19. These type of discussions happen only on LAVA: http://t.co/ytD3QR4t54

  20. Ever wanted a #labview VI to pretend to be running when it's not (or vice versa)? Yeah, me neither. But you can :)http://t.co/qvcuuXZF

  21. In case you haven't noticed, http://t.co/MP0YJ2VQ is back up! We had to clean out some of the cobwebs.

  22. http://t.co/MP0YJ2VQ is down. We're working on it. Thanks for your patience.

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