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  1. #ilovemercurial because I can revert to an older version without the repo-server

  2. Yet another web-page that sends (and thus stores) my password in an email... luckily I generated it randomly with @lastpass

  3. Thanks, still working on it @swinders Code Capture Tool to be Released on LabVIEW Tools Network - Great work @tcplomp http://t.co/OCxwqjW0

  4. De schuur heeft weer een deur, na twee jaar!


  6. Been working on the CCT release on the @lavag tools network... Looking good.

  7. 'Flight/Train combo from Europe to Toronto/Vancouver' package deal available? http://t.co/LIc8HUs2

  8. Gisteren lekker gebald bij @vvatalante, en wie was daar? @ralreiger (tot laat)

  9. oops a CRC error upon accessing a drive..... it's gonna be a long night.

  10. #Mercurial ignoring http_proxy settings... who knows? http://t.co/mJR6GXrk

  11. RT @74rk: How funny, both @tcplomp and myself have won a @LastPass t-shirt. Pass the shirts to the dutchies! congratulations Ton!

  12. Working the #CodeCaptureTool to add to the @lavag #labview tools network!

  13. RT @lavag: NI #labview Report Generation toolkit extension: embed images into HTML reports - download & discuss: http://t.co/LzopBz6u

  14. The Code Capture Tool is official LabVIEW compatible! Thanks @lavag and @niglobal http://t.co/zLIPaci0

  15. o poor @hal9000_ there is no gravity generator in your vessel.... it's a centrifuge. lost the manual?

  16. nice, but the server is dead. RT @programmingview: Programming Languages - A Map - iProgrammer http://t.co/k0FmOOsy

  17. RT @ashalynd: If the programmers like each other, they play a game called "pair programming". And if not, then the game is called "peer...

  18. Tech luminaries we lost in 2011 http://t.co/qV2D6SxW (and you thought Steve Jobs was a loss? it's been a bad year for IT-history)

  19. I just received a t-shirt from @LastPass

  20. RT @lavag: Hot Topic: Using #labview conditional for loops as trial and error resolvers: http://t.co/bmTiLn26

  21. Our internal corporate emails seems to miss netiquette... THE CAPSLOCK IS BROKEN

  22. Squatted a major bug that was lying around for over a year... #feelssogood

  23. Combine load and save button into one button? http://t.co/uXfNYYCf

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