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  1. Made first public release of #mercurial for #labview project at @lavag Come, download, evaluate and comment http://t.co/jVnjHcWD

  2. RT @hipstermermaid: Buy local and ethical, corporations are evi- NEW iPAD!

  3. LabView: Pass value between while loops http://t.co/38RlPsNq

  4. Anybody going to Copenhagen #LabVIEW user meeting this friday? PLS RT

  5. RT @matthias_us: .@labview + @LogMeIn + iPad = 24/7 lab data generation

  6. Back from Copenhagen joined and discussed #labview

  7. RT @bitbucket: You've heard of forking your code, now Atlassian Bitbucket introduces spooning, new pair programming. #spooning #bitbucket

  8. Merge with #labview and #mercurial using #tortoisehg read it on the LabVIEW Wiki http://t.co/AdDN2hOV

  9. RT @suonvieri: The 1h20mins compiling time for my biggest #LabVIEW project is now reduced to 4mins! ...? Well, upgrade to LV 2011 (SP1).

  10. RT @jamieforrest: Richard Feynman - How Trains Work http://t.co/l0MsJE2t

  11. RT @labview_tools: NEWS->SQLite API For LabVIEW adds Macintosh Support->http://t.co/L03LWLeK

  12. Zonnebril gekocht voor €3,50. Laat #hajraa12 maar komen

  13. Ik heb een huisdier dat de stand NIET voorspelt, mag ik nu ook op TV?

  14. RT @antoinechalons: Think the #LabVIEW State Diagram Editor was a good tool? Vote it up on the #LabVIEWIdeaExchangehttp://t.co/vw1flprn

  15. Mysql won't start because harddrive is full. Added another #webmin monitor for Disk Space

  16. RT @lavag: BREAKING NEWS: #LabVIEW 2012 is now available for download - http://t.co/Hf8xCz9r

  17. #Proud RT @lavag: Demo'd at #NIWeek as "better than #LabVIEW snippets"- the Code Capture Tool (CCT) - download it here: http://t.co/pEUVBGRR

  18. Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for LastPass now! https://t.co/gKXdxRmE #Personal note: It's faboulus!

  19. Dragged a #LabVIEW snippet from #Opera into #LV2011 AND IT WORKED

  20. Updated the Variant Probe at @lavag : http://t.co/AY2DzYcw Adds immediate redraw if properties are changed.

  21. Report your bugs otherwise they will never be fixed! Bugreporting works: http://t.co/q2577zGY

  22. RT @jkisoftware: Missed the webinar? Watch the recording - What's new in VIPM 2012 - http://t.co/bHMOE405

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