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  1. A little rant here, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile and I would like some feedback: I don't recycle. If I did I would put absolutely everything in the recycle bin and I would like to see a civil protest movement to do just that.Why? Because recycling is not something that people should have to think about, and it's too important to leave it to joe six pack. Recycling should not involve average citizens having to figure out whether something should or shouldn't go...

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    2. shoneill


      Any large community must have a common set of rules by which it governs its action (Strictly different from "morals" by the way). Without these rules, we tend towards anarchy. Preventing such anarchy is what allows these large communities to thrive and avoid catastrophic meltdowm (they run smoothly). Having rules without enforcement is nonsensical.

      How large you WANT your community to BE in regard to these rules is a matter for politics. With regard to waste recycling,...

    3. jcarmody


      >> Having rules without enforcement is nonsensical

      That's the only thing that I'd agree with. The rest reminds me of Mel Gibson, as William Wallace, saying "Slaves are made in such ways."

    4. shoneill


      Which would tie in nicely with Scotland trying to separate from the UK.

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