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  1. A little rant here, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile and I would like some feedback: I don't recycle. If I did I would put absolutely everything in the recycle bin and I would like to see a civil protest movement to do just that.Why? Because recycling is not something that people should have to think about, and it's too important to leave it to joe six pack. Recycling should not involve average citizens having to figure out whether something should or shouldn't go...

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    2. jcarmody


      It would be reasonable to defend your person/property in the absence of a state, but it would not be reasonable (morally defensible) to use force to coerce me to wear a particular hat or wash my garbage (unless I was dumping it on your property in a pre-agreed-upon arrangement).

    3. shoneill


      So your problem is with the law then? You disagree with the laws in place to ensure that society runs smoothly in general, or only the ones you don't like?

    4. jcarmody


      No. I disagree with the use of agression to enforce your will. You used the word "smoothly", which is rather subjective. I disagree that washing my trash makes society run "smoothly", perhaps you disagree with me. Which of us is justified in using force to get our way? http://wiki.mises.org/wiki/Principle_of_non-aggression

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