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  1. Phoenix Energy Technologies is seeking a contract Labview developer for a short project.  We are based in Irvine, CA and would prefer someone local but are willing to work with a strong remote resource.  SQL experience is required and analytics/energy analytics experience is a huge plus. 


    Application Verification and Deployment
    • Application: Approximately 30, low-complexity virtual instruments that comprise an application used to analyze time-series data and signal alarms
    • Project:
    o Catalog the application components and verify that all components are present
    o Document LabView virtual instruments in the application:
    • Summary of VI function
    • Inputs
    • Outputs
    o Configure and deploy application for two new data sources

    This is a contract position but could potentially lead to a full time position for the right candidate.  Please contact Dave Labowitz (dlabowitz@phoenixet.com) with a resume if interested.


    Mods:  apologies if this is in the wrong place; feel free to move it as necessary.


    Thank you!

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