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  1. Defines in C/C++ are replaced by a preprocessor before the code gets compiled.

    Why not create a strict typedef ring containing all the values you need?

    EDIT: this ofcouse only works when you don't have identical values...


  2. QUOTE(yen @ Apr 23 2007, 09:57 PM)

    Works fine in a version which is above 8.0, but is not 8.2 (or 8.2.1), so either this was fixed, or it could be an issue with locale settings. You could try setting your OS settings (Control Panel>>Regional and Language Options) to use the period instead of the comma and see if that changes it.

    The behavior stays the same, I guess it's a bug..


  3. QUOTE(yen @ Apr 21 2007, 09:20 PM)

    Is this in 8.0?

    I just tried it in versions both before and after 8.0 and I have no problem in typing a comma into a combo box.

    Can you upload an example VI with detailed instructions?

    It's 8.2. Start LabVIEW, new VI, create a combobox (doesn't matter if modern, classic or system) and try to type a comma.

    Pasting a comma works. Maybe it's because of the German Windows...


  4. Hi all,

    A few questions regarding the Multi Column Listbox.

    First of all: Is it possible to select multiple rows and drag them to another MCL? Every time I try this, only the last selected row is taken. Bug or feature?

    I'd like to do the following: move rows around in one MCL to sort the entries, no copying allowed. Furthermore I want to be able to select one or more rows and drag and drop (copy) them to another MCL.

    So the first case is moving only, the second copying only. The "Drag Mode" can be set to "Copy or Move", "Copy Only" or "Move Only", but there is no difference made between drag&drop inside a control and outside of a control?

    Maybe this can be done using an event structure but I guess that won

  5. Ok, I just found out that there is currently no way to turn off the tip strips for listbox cells where the column width does not accomodate the cell text. I guess your best workaround would be to make sure the text in the cell does not go past the width of the column.


    Thanks Darren,

    So if you guys all agree we'll call it a feature instead of a bug...

    i'll adapt the width of the column, that's the slightest problem.


  6. Wow, this is one for the record books. Strange. Try turning video acceleration OFF in your video driver.


    Keep in mind, the orange stuff is okay, it's just the arrow on the scrollbar.

    Already tried to decrease the video acceleration, didn't work either...

  7. Hi all,

    Sometimes I have this annoying bug concerning the scrollbars of elements. See attachment, the vertical scrollbar has a black line with what looks like arrow heads or something.

    I found this problem with all sorts of controls, tables, IMAQ-indicators and so on.

    Does anybody know how to fix this??




  8. Hi all,

    I have a main-VI that has two parts, a VI containing a time critical loop and a VI with a loop for communication over TCP-IP.

    The priority of the VI containing the time critical code was set to "Time Critical". The other loop runs at normal priority

    Now here's my question:

    The VI with the time critical code contains several sub-VIs that are called sequentially. Do I need to set the priority of these VIs to "Time-Critical" as well? Or is this "inherited" from the calling VI? In other words, do sub-VIs in a time critical VI run at that priority regardless of the priority that was selected in the sub-VIs properties menu?



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