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  1. This week is going to be extra awesome! #NIWeek So excited to see everyone!

  2. Lotus 1-2-3, looks like it was fun to use. http://t.co/Wi3iPMlfIg

  3. I'd love to hear your feedback on the new Cloud Dashboard for #LabVIEW Find me at #NIWeek https://t.co/d64GvMxqbj #NIWeek2014

  4. "If iOS can have a university course, why not LabVIEW?" #NIWeek #NIWeek2014

  5. Single board RIO for self driving car demo #NIWeek http://t.co/VyM1opOdeG

  6. Awesome presentation! A data flow approach to object oriented programming. #NIWeek #oop #labview

  7. HMI session is packed! Important topic to #LabVIEW devs #NIWeek #ui #ux

  8. Fun to see the mainstream catchup to what automation engineers have been doing for 20yrs. #IoT #InternetOfEverything #industrialinternet

  9. RT @deliriousguy: Let your team set their own schedules. Find what works best for everyone. @ToddRoss even gives employees unlimited vacati…

  10. Just found this video! @rajsite No wonder we win hackathons together! http://t.co/Tez8BW3Nrk

  11. [VIDEO] How-to use the new JKI VIPM Website to install #LabVIEW add-ons @jkisoftware http://t.co/cBiN61r7bz

  12. Cool #LabVIEW Library for building web interfaces with live updates. https://t.co/z1TS9Sn4YR #HTML5

  13. Programmers say 'algorithm' when they don't want to explain what is actually going on.

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