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  1. Beep, buzz, bing, bong, bing, bong, buzzzz ... "You've got Data!"

  2. RT @Fabiola31416: Part 3 of NI Week 2014 Highlights - All Y'All http://t.co/LcfmY0ksui via @WiresmithTech Thanks for telling people about m…

  3. Someone is throwing suspicious packages behind the cars in my neighborhood. Why would they do this? http://t.co/y6giZKOsOU

  4. RT @mojavelinux: “the best developers want to work on open code: to hire quality developers, give them an open source outlet†http://t.co/l…

  5. #LabVIEW developers there is an easy way to find add-ons http://t.co/QfJl5J41kN

  6. Breakfast, compliments of @IBM I like to think it came from the @NodeRED team! #thankyou http://t.co/Qlh79gWoid

  7. RT @ultimateboy: #Accessibility is not a feature that you add to a site or a change in scope. Developers and designers, it's your job. Know…

  8. RT @mbanzi: "I do not believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow." Nelson Jackson

  9. TIL: Following a scrolling page is a skill. (Use page up/dwn when presenting to some programmers.)

  10. RT @chrismatthieu: This is one badass @localmotors rallyfighter! Checkout the @octoblu @AllSeenAlliance @linuxfoundation logos!! #iot http:…

  11. RT @ceejay: And there it is. Dyson does robots.http://t.co/34AuogpjBS

  12. RT @jbogard: meet teams over and over again that fail to ship because they're wasting time and money building the "framework"

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