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  1. .@Honeywell_Home lol @nest isn't perfect but they are still the best.

  2. OH: "Aren't we all just half centaur."

  3. RT @dobermai: Startup idea of the year: Creating #Wearables with a truly open API. And by open I don’t mean crappy CSV exports from the dev…

  4. RT @JasonRuane: We built the winning project at Ireland's first @HwHackathon with Node-Red on @IBMBlueMix Thanks @NodeRED :-) http://t.co/0…

  5. #Drupal ASYNC is awesome for responsive projects https://t.co/K9rJFP6Upe

  6. Windows Two was released today!!! (Although, I was looking forward to Windows IX.)

  7. All the details of how I did it, including the exact text and photos I used on the website. https://t.co/JgaIuzhriB http://t.co/6xoC2hpdKz

  8. How I chose an audience for my first online product. http://t.co/2Lj9hD2Hct http://t.co/EreFB8OjmB

  9. Shout out to @PatFlynn and eBooks the Smart Way! Just this week released my first eBook! Thanks!

  10. How built an #IoT platform in 4 weeks with a $100 giftcard. https://t.co/F8aOaGUYMi #IoTDay #InternetOfThings

  11. RT @benwerd: "A standard isn't a standard if nobody is using it."

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