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  1. Hello Lavag's,

    Currently developing an UI with custom titlebar like JKI Package Manager 2020, applications from MS Office etc. I have a laptop (1440 X 900) running windows 7 and a second monitor with resolution 1920 X 1080. Scale and layout options for both monitors are set to 100%. 

    "FP.State = Maximized" seems to work only when the resolutions for all monitors are equal or selecting the monitor with highest resolution as main screen.

    1. Laptop(1440 X 900) as main screen: FP.State = Maximized works fine in Laptop but not in second monitor. The Panel Bounds and Window Bounds are way out of the screen resolution.

           image.png.b343fd04ef226cda3790e1acbcb4f3fa.png     image.png.57b75dace2dc4d47d361dd5b9bd3767e.png

    Same as in case of JKI VI Package Manager (2020)


    2. Setting Window bounds and panel bounds manually:

    Some pixels appear in the another monitor when setting the Window Bounds and Panel Bounds manually. This sems to be also the case with NI-Package Manager

    Is there a way to make it work?  Any help is greatly appreciated.





    Custom Titlebar.vi

  2. Hello,


    In matlab the plot data can be save as a *.png,*.jpeg, and so on and even a pretty good option *.fig. Later when the *.fig is opened you have the real plot as before and this can be edited like changing the legeng , x and y labels, color of the plot etc,.


    Is there any option like this in labVIEW. I  have seen options like saving the data into excel and to different image formats. Is there any special tool kit or add in functions??

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