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  1. Hello LAVA community,

    I use a USB 6215.
    With two TTL output signals, two different colored lasers are to be triggered.
    TTL 1 activates a blue laser. TTL 2 activates a green laser. 
    This external device also outputs 2 analog signals that I can capture with the USB 6215.
    While the lasers are active, the analog signals output characteristic values.

    The two TTL signals should be output by the USB6215 as follows:
    Both TTLs should be active for 10 ms every 100 ms, one after the other with a 2 ms delay.
    So TTL1 active for 10 ms, then 2 ms delay then TTL 2 active for 10 ms. The times should be adhered to as precisely as possible.
    The two analog signals should be calculated during the time in which both TTL are active (i.e. over the 22ms).
    The analog signals are sampled at 1 kHz.
    The analog data acquisition via DAQmx is clear. 
    I only have problems programming the timing of the digital triggers (TTL) accordingly.
    Does anyone have any idea how to start? 
    Maybe someone has already programmed something similar?

    Thanks in advance

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