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  1. DCG

    Allows new functions to be compiled during runtime by using libtcc. http://bellard.org/tcc/
    Features Full ANSI C compiler  ISO C99 extensions (Missing only complex and imaginary numbers) GNU C extensions (See TCC Docs) TinyCC extensions (See TCC Docs) GNU-like inline assembler  32bit & 64bit opcodes depending on DLL (See TCC Docs) Compile to memory to call as function or disk as exe Allows for dynamic code Pointer safe checks  
    Adding 2 numbers and using return to get the result
    Using system to call cmd
    Inline x86 assembly
    Passing in information using argc and argv
    Using pointers to pass a string in and an SHA512 hash out
    Uses libtcc unmodified, so for security reasons you can download the dll from the author's website or compile your own from source. The dll is included if you wish to use it.
    Some very basic examples that show off only a tiny subset of the features this compiler offers. Unless you are very careful, compiling functions during runtime can lead to unstable code. (Test before you deploy) All examples should run without issue but modification can and will lead to crashing. (Save often)



  2. Mandelbrot Explorer

    Simple Mandelbrot explorer that I wrote a few years ago.



    Many predefined color pallets

    Rolling color pallet to produce motion effect

    Ability to customize the color pallet

    Log color mapping

    Keyboard or mouse control

    Basic shortcut keys

    Saving high res images


    Needed improvements

    Clustering to clean up code more

    Save settings



    Load project in LabVIEW 2015 32/64 bit

    Start program using Mandelbrot Main.vi



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