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  1. hi,

    My intention is to compare the template image with the run time image .  I used normal pattern matching technique but i m not getting the proper output . The output is keeps on varying , sometimes i used to get "0"as number of matches and "1 " as number of matches found even with the proper template and  same  run time  image as well as it is getting same output with the wrong template as well . I even changed the Match score but there is no response . can any one suggest me way to resolve the issue. I have attached the vi. The template and real image i cannot able to upload because of the error

    smart Crind POC.vi

  2. hi, 

    I need to make an application , which has to send a  hexa decimal data from labview to the protocol via RS232.I have sent a single data block(1Byte) and i was able to receive the acknowledgement properly. 

    But if i send a 9 bytes of Data through VISA via RS232, I am not getting any output at all , But if I send the same data block through different application, I am able to receive data . Can anyone suggest me way to resolve the issue or Better way to do this?? 


    I have attached my vI with this  . I am struggling at this point for so long.





  3. Hi,


    I would like to read the characters whichever displayed on the LCD. This LCD is (16X2) of PIC Micro controller. These characters are alpha numeric characters

    Can anyone help me out in providing the which camera will suite my purpose?

    What is the approach should i do inorder to achieve this?





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