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  1. hi,

    My intention is to compare the template image with the run time image .  I used normal pattern matching technique but i m not getting the proper output . The output is keeps on varying , sometimes i used to get "0"as number of matches and "1 " as number of matches found even with the proper template and  same  run time  image as well as it is getting same output with the wrong template as well . I even changed the Match score but there is no response . can any one suggest me way to resolve the issue. I have attached the vi. The template and real image i cannot able to upload because of the error

    smart Crind POC.vi

  2. hi, 

    I need to make an application , which has to send a  hexa decimal data from labview to the protocol via RS232.I have sent a single data block(1Byte) and i was able to receive the acknowledgement properly. 

    But if i send a 9 bytes of Data through VISA via RS232, I am not getting any output at all , But if I send the same data block through different application, I am able to receive data . Can anyone suggest me way to resolve the issue or Better way to do this?? 


    I have attached my vI with this  . I am struggling at this point for so long.





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