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  1. Actually I have already looked into the sample example and hopefully I will be posting my attempt in the coming weekend. I am practicing for a while now. 

    But sometimes doubts are coming.

    After looking into the sample exam also I have doubt about tags placement.

    1. Regarding tags,  it should point to the exact location where the requirement has been covered or how to place a tag if there is doubt about the tags.


  2. Thanks for the your reply.

    Circular buffer and show last error, good idea.

    As for just CLA, i think blocking other process it being fine if error occur in any other module.

    As from the sample exams ATM,car wash and elevator, it seem FGV well suited in that type of scenario. 

    Have you seen this samples exam any time?

    What do you thing FGV is fine or not.?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you very much your responses really appriceted and thanks a lot.

    But when ever I am using QMH for centralized error handler, I am encountering following problem. Thats why moving to FGV, block other process. 

    1.  Let us say error occur from user console and error handler display error to user with the option to clear or continue.


    This needed user interaction to carry on. Even though my controller is executing without user interaction, idley controller should come to halt as soon as error occure or timer should stop.


    2. For stopping all the module's,  I am broadcasting the stop flag for stopping all module(centralised error using QMH  and etc. using user event. In this case am unable to trap any error which is coming from shutdown state as my error handler, QMH has already been stopped or exited.



  4. Hello All,


     I have one doubt about the Centralized error handler.


    1. Centralized error handler?

    It means we should have a one controller or centralized error module that talk with error API that we have included in to our all modules like user console, sensor etc.


    2. or just having a FGV is fine for Centralized error handler.


    Can any one  please help me in understanding about the term Centralized error handler.


    Thanks In Advance.



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