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  1. Hi all,

    I'm working with CompactRIO 9045. This plc is equipped with the rs232 and the rs485. I need to communicate with two devices in Modbus RTU. 

    I have no problems with RS485 (ASRL2::INSTR) communication. This is initialization VI:


    I do the same operation with rs232 port (ASRL1::INSTR):


    But I have this error:

    Error -1073807246 occurred at Property Node (arg 1) in SubVIs.lvlibSmiley frustratoerial Shared Components.lvlib:Configure Serial Port.vi->SubVIs.lvlibSmiley frustratoerial Master.lvclass:Initialize Master.vi->Modbus Master.lvclass:Initialize.vi->Modbus Master.lvclass:Create Master Instance (Serial).vi->readExdSh1.vi

    Possible reason(s):

    VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0072) The resource is valid, but VISA cannot currently access it.


    The resource can't be occupied...

    I have seen all  national guides and tutorial, but I don't find the solution.

    Can you help me?


    Thank you.



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