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  1. Hi guys, There is a task to acquire data from analog sensors using cRIO 9076 + NI 9234. The task is solved with FPGA and FIFO buffer (code segment is attached). Sample rate is 200 Hz. I disconnected all sensors. During debug I have an issue of appearing "bursts/needles" in the data. I was not able to find out a reason for it. What is typical, when I start topLevel VI and it receives the first package, the "needle" immediately occurs in the data (see graph in the upper left corner) and this is repeated in 8 out of 10 cases. The needles appear without any specific periodicity and affect all
  2. Thank you for your help! I have gotten a necessary result with max sample rate (500 kHz).
  3. Thank you for link. Yes, sure, I'm using FIFO, but I don't know as I can realize correct synchronization without data skips on fast speed.
  4. Hello colleagues! I have a next task: It is necessary to get analog data from 4 ADC channels of myRIO with max sample rate. As we know myRIO has max rate 500 kS/s for all channels. So we have 125 kS/s per channel (500/4). It's good. A question in the next: how I can send data from FPGA target to RT in this case? I have tried to use large size FIFO buffer (target to host) but got compilation error. As I understood FIFO buffer doesn't use external memory for data storage and uses FPGA resources. The next step I think to use max available size buffer and interrupt on host when buffer is full, but
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